Laters 2016

Above is an example of my daughter’s first doodle next to one by me done at the same time. I expect by this time next year she’ll have overtaken me in artistic ability. 

On Hogmanay 2015 I had no idea I would become a celebrated local artist (that’s not strictly what the article says but, whatever) or have a weekly column blabbering on about life and motherhood. I made resolutions that night and kept none of them so tonight I’m not making any. Unless trying to have a nice year is a resolution, in which case that’s my resolution. 

Happy new year everyone. Thank you for dropping by this blog and not making it an unread disaster like I anticipated when I uploaded my first drawing in June. 


In an unusual example of being super organised I already summed up my thoughts on 2016 in November here in Standard Issue


I’m about to say something super obvious – being a working mum is hard. Fitting in raising a child and a career and maintaining a happy marriage takes up lots and lots of time and energy. Which is why I’ve been a bit quiet. 

I’m planning my comeback. For now have a look at my column in Standard Issue which I haven’t neglected like I have this blog. 

Like a Labrador 

My dad visited at the weekend. Seeing Iona in her natural habitat prompted the quote in this doodle. While this blog is primarily a vehicle for me to receive confirmation I’m hilarious from the Internet, it made me think it might also be a nice way of occasionally keeping a note of other, more important things, not just mishaps with tits and poo.